What is the EPIC.LAN Tournament Platform?

It’s a powerful platform for creating, editing and management of gaming tournaments across any title of your choosing. Allowing you to quickly generate formats from groups to elimination brackets, make and design content pages or news articles relevant to your tournaments or organisation, seamlessly interact with users who use your platform and much more.

Create, edit, manage, upload, integrate and interact with your community through a dashboard familiar to many league operators across the UK and Europe.

Key Features

Granular permissions system

Control permissions for all of your staff and admins and restrict which areas of the platform they can access and manage.

Statistics Dashboard

Track your tournaments progress, including sign-ups over time, player's region locations, tournament capacities and much more.

Intuitive UI

Navigate the admin dashboard with ease thanks to an overhauled user interface, including a dark mode toggle. Manage your platform conveniently thanks to mobile device support.

Tournament Calendar

Display your active tournaments on a public interactive calendar so all of your players can track what is going on.

Format Templates

Create and edit tournaments from a selection of established format templates, automatically generated by the tournament platform.

Support Requests

Recieve, assign and answer player support tickets directly from the admin dashboard. Allowing for quick and easy solutions.

User Profiles

Users can create and customise their own player profiles. Including social links, game and statistical data, and game platform integration.

Message Threads

Create message threads for important communication with or between players for ongoing tournaments.

Server Integration

Integrate dedicated game servers directly with the platform, such as CS2 servers. Allowing for automatic server assignment, bootup and shutdown.

Global Platform Statistics

Registered Users

714 +

Across all active instances of the EPIC.LAN Tournament Platform.

Tournaments Played


Tournaments completed covering a wide variety of games and formats.

Match Results

0 +

Match results from players competing on the platforms globally.

Support Requests


Player support tickets submitted and answered by admins and officials.

Some Of Our Clients


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Hosting & Support
Hosting & Support
Max Userbase
Max Userbase
Server LocationUKUKCustom
All databases are individual but may share server resources.
Live support provided through Discord.
Web TicketsLive SupportLive Support
Response Time1 Working DayLive ChatLive Chat
Security updates and breaking bug fixes are always applied as soon as needed.
Major/Minor Bi-AnnuallyMajor/Minor QuarterlyAs Needed
Contact For QuoteContact For QuoteBuy Now
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Platform Modules BasicPlusEnterprise
Platform Modules
News Posts
Support System
Message Threads
Age Restrictions
User Profiles
Tournament Ticketing
Ticket system for specific events or tournaments. Allows for tournament specific event restrictors. Discounting feature also included.
PaymentsStripe & InvoicingCustom

Modules not included in a plan, can be added for an additional annual fee.

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  • Enterprise
Platform Options BasicPlusEnterprise
Platform Options
Timezone Support
Language SupportExisting Languages Only
Granular Permissions System
Broadcast Output
Tie Breaker Rules
Statistics (R6S)
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  • Enterprise
Branding BasicPlusEnterprise
Base Template
Rebrand & Recolour
Colours, Logo, Font will be adjusted to match your existing website.
Full Integration
Fully reskin the platform to match your existing website.
Email Templates
Custom URL
Fully custom URL rather than the platform being attached to "epictournaments.gg".
Email Limit5,000 Per Month20,000 Per Month100,000 Per Month
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  • Enterprise
Integrations BasicPlusEnterprise
Discord Integration
Platform integration through a Discord server to forward relevant information. Allows User account linking.
CS2 Server Intergration
Integration of CS2 or Source servers to allow for automatic server assignment, boot/shutdown and config profile management.
AC & ACC Integration
Integration of AC or ACC game servers to allow for automated boot/shutdown, config/profile management and automated leaderboard tracking through JSON result files.
External Authentication (SSO)
2FA Support
2 Factor Authentication method for logging into the platform.
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